Hello everyone!

We are proud and stoked to introduce our just founded brand "Souljah Griptape" established in 2012 by Florentin Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg.


We thought that "SOULJAH" is a strong statement that fits well to us skateboarders in our positive fight on the skateboard. In fact, somebody who fights for his passion and love is a souljah!

We have chosen the name "SOULJAH" and not "Soldier" because skateboarding is something that happens inside our soul and mind according to our lifestyle!

What is the essence of the “SOULJAH” brand?

It has been well known by many skateboarders worldwide that for the last couple of years most products in the skateboard industry have been produced in a very unprofessional way only to make as much profit as possible.

Products that have lost in quality affect in a negative way today´s skateboarding. This is the major reason why we want to do it ourselves supporting the "from skateboarders for skateboarders" philosophy.

The essence of "SOULJAH" is to stand as a high quality product that also takes the environment in consideration according to the times we are living in and the unfortunate destruction of our beautiful planet !

So watch out what materials we will use.

Why griptape?

Griptape is an important detail which lately has become really bad.

We believe that a professional high quality skateboard deck deserves a high quality griptape. Find out the difference between a mediocre and excellent quality griptape!

We hope that you become curious about us and our products. The vibe we want to generate is the most simple thought u can have. In two words: Having fun !!! Isn`t this the reason why we all started skateboarding?

Don`t hesitate to contact us for anything if it is about the product, the team or whatever. We care about our customers or anybody interested in our ideas. We wish everyone a nice skate season and hope you gonna enjoy "Souljah Griptape".

Have a nice Day! Peace!

Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg