Big Thanks to all our friends and clients who supported us over the last three years!

We are very proud to present to you our Souljah Teamedit#1 representing our riders from all over the world.

Our focus remains to develop our brand, optimize our griptape and add new products. Producing high quality products for the love of skateboarding will always be our main goal. The vibe we want to generate is the most simple thought u can have: Having fun on your skateboard!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you got curious about Souljah Griptape International. We care about our customers and anybody interested in our ideas.

Enjoy the Souljah Teamedit#1 !

Peace and 1Luv

Alex Carolino, Florentin Marfaing and Simon Croonenberg
souljahgrip  |  30.09.2016

John Anderson✌Switch Treflip in the new Souljahgrip Coach Jacket

⚔Have a nice we everybody⚔

souljahgrip  |  26.08.2016

Welcome to the Souljah family Guido Zanotto from Italia ⚔⚔⚔Benvenuto Fratello ⚔⚔⚔

Filmed by Flo Marfaing

souljahgrip  |  20.08.2016

John Anderson is in BCN at the moment @souljahgripbrasil ⚔⚔⚔ @souljahgrip meeting at the office!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  10.08.2016

*NEW* Souljahgrip "Skate Tool 6in1" *NEW*

Available for your shop/comp NOW!!! For wholesale prices and shipping costs mailto:

All products available via Paypal in our PRODUCTS section!!!

souljahgrip  |  08.08.2016

Flo, Backside Heelflip in Barcelona!!! Have a nice week everybody!!! Peace

Foto by: Julien Deniau/Unavista Photos

souljahgrip  |  25.07.2016

Flo & Titi, nice lil sesh at the lengendary hip in Valencia/ES!!! Have a nice week everybody!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  16.07.2016

Flo, yesterday at his favorite spot in Paris!!! Boooyaa

souljahgrip  |  12.07.2016

Luypa Sin, Switch Backside FiveO!!! Have a nice week everybody!!!Peace

Foto by:Florian Lanni

souljahgrip  |  04.07.2016

Flo and Nissen in Oslo with the homies i after the sesh!!! Have a nice week everybody!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  13.06.2016

Flo, Blunt to Fakie in Cyprus/Greece!!! Have a nice week everybody!!! Peace

Foto by: Davy Van Laere

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