We are proud and stoked to introduce our just founded brand "Souljah Griptape" established in 2012 by Florentin Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg.

We hope that you become curious about us and our products. The vibe we want to generate is the most simple thought u can have. In two words: Having fun !!! Isn't this the reason why we all started skateboarding?

Don't hesitate to contact us for anything if it is about the product, the team or whatever. We care about our customers or anybody interested in our ideas. We wish everyone a nice skate season and hope you gonna enjoy "Souljah Griptape".

Have a nice Day!


Flo Marfaing, Alex Carolino and Simon Croonenberg
souljahgrip  |  09.07.2014

Souljahgrip International back in stock in the Pinkhaus Skateshop!!! Go get some if u are in the area of Berlin!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  01.07.2014

Souljahgrip International now available @ Woody´s Skateshop!!! Go get some if u are in the area of Bielefeld!!! Peace and thanks for the support ;-)

souljahgrip  |  20.06.2014

Alex Carolino, Switch Backside Kickflip!!! Have a nice weekend everybody!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  11.06.2014

Big up to our friends from Mashed Skateboards for supporting Souljahgrip International !!!! Peace and go shred ;-)

souljahgrip  |  07.06.2014

Thierry Gormit, Switch Frontside Nosegrind in Barcelona!!! Have a nice weekend everybody!!! Peace

Foto by: Daniel Flusser/Artlive Production

souljahgrip  |  05.06.2014

Florentin Marfaing and Kris Vile skating the streets of Athen!!! Enjoy the footy from their most recent trip to greece with Vans Europe!! Peace

Film and edit by: Sebastien "Paco" Raban

souljahgrip  |  04.06.2014

Mr. Fabulous is back in business ;-) Souljahgrip International now available at the Fabulous Store in Essen, Germany!!! Go get some!!! Peace

souljahgrip  |  30.05.2014

Bastien Salabanzi, Switch Heelflip at the North Hollywood Skate Plaza!!! Have a nice weekend everybody! Peace

souljahgrip  |  27.05.2014

souljahgrip  |  26.05.2014

Alex Carolino, Big Nollie 180 Switch Crooked in Pep Ventura!!! Published in the Tribo Skate Mag!!! Peace

Foto by: Florian Lanni

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